Directed by : Victoria Galardi

TVE-ANOTHER LOOK AWARD au Festival de San Sebastian 2010 Sélection aux23èmes Rencontres Cinémas 2011

Life in quiet Patagonia is disrupted when Juana Keller (81), matriarch of a peculiar family, tries to commit suicide. As she lies in a coma, the lives of her daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren are to change, bringing out the best and the worst in each of them.

fiche technique

Author : Victoria Galardi

Photography : Julián Ledesma

Editing : Alejandro Brodersohn

Producer : ARGENTINE Gale Cine Victoria Galardi / Mys Produccion - Milagros Roque Pitt - INCAA Argentine / Production associée Les Films d’Ici - Charlotte Uzu

Length : 90'

Format : 35 mm

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