Un virtuose visionnaire

Directed by : Judit Kele

The film is a portrait of the composer Franz Liszt. It focuses on his life as a virtuoso pianist, composer and teacher, as well as his importance for the future development of music, all of which explain today’s fascination with the phenomenon “Liszt-mania”.
His life was that of a polyglot travelling widely in a Europe under construction. The film examines the ties between his music and the religious, political and aesthetic transformations of his time.

Technical sheet

Author : Judit Kele

Photography : Jérôme Krumenacker, Judit Kele, Laurent Fenart, Raphael O’Byrne, Claire Amilhat, Peter Ilouszky

Sound : Noël Morrow

Manager of production : Emmanuelle Koenig

Editing : Nicole Sérès

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Serge Lalou Production exécutive : Emmanuelle Koenig

Partners : Arte France

Available version : VF

Broadcaster : Arte

Length : 52'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 0000-0002-BFFA-0000-T-0000-0000-O

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