Directed by : Luc Moullet

The Comedy of Work's is a big laugh. Nobody but Luc Moullet, former witty critic of the Cahiers du Cinema', would have dared to make such a film on unemployment.
In the same tradition as "The Adventure of Billy the Kid" and "Anatomy of a Relationship", the "Comedy of Work" is a new venture in black humour. Portrait of the jobless and those who are trying to help them, kaleidoscope of attitudes and gestures, a crazy documented meditation on those who have been squeezed out of the job market".
Libération 11.03.1998
A humorous look at unemployment and work in France, as experienced by three very different characters, whose meeting turns out to be explosive…

fiche technique

Author : Luc Moullet

Producer : Vidéo 13

Partners : Les Films d'ici

Available version : VF/VA

Length : 88'

Format : 35 mm

ISAN : 1000000000000

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