Sortie nationale en salle le 7 mai 2008

Directed by : Lucia Cedron

Prix du public aux Rencontres d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse - 2008 Meilleur film et meilleur réalisateur au Festival du Film de Malaga -2009

In 2002, as Argentina confronts a full blown economic crisis, Arturo, a 77 year old veterinarian is abducted in Buenos Aires. Guillermina, his 30 year old granddaughter is contacted by the perpetrators. To face the situation and obtain the release of her grandfather, she is forced to call upon Teresa, her mother, daughter of Arturo. Teresa lives in France where she exiled herself along with her youngest girl in 1978, following the death of her husband. Her return to Argentina, under the constraint of the current events, weighs heavily over Teresa, who is in constant contradiction with her land of birth. While mother and daughter search for the money necessary to pay the ransom, tragic events from the past gradually find an echo in the present.

Technical sheet

Sound : Guido Berenblum - Victor Tendler-Marcos de Aguirre

Editing : Rosario Suarez

Producer : Lita Stantic Producciones - Les Films d’Ici (Serge Lalou) - Goa Ltd

Partners : Fonds SUD - INCAA - Ibermedia - Sogecable

Length : 90'

ISAN : 0000 0002 1722 0000 9 0000 0000 A

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