Produire aux côtés de la création…

c'est ce qui nous anime

Les Films d’Ici plays an important role in the production of documentary content in France and internationally. Our films are regularly selected for festivals, frequently broadcast on television and increasingly present on the Internet.

Les Films d’Ici and Les Films d’Ici 2 are twin companies that share the same desire to present politically, socially and culturally committed perspectives on the world.

For the last 30 years the producers of Les Films d’Ici have been assisting writers and directors from France and other countries to create documentaries, feature films, animations and now, through Les Films d’Ici 2, interactive projects.

The aim of Les Films d’Ici 2 is to bring together several generations of producers in order to pursue a range of approaches, pass on knowledge and experience, and ensure that the adventure can continue. It is a second eye opening onto the places, both here and elsewhere, that shape the world we live in, and a means of promoting the viewpoint of emerging talents and of keeping afloat the great filmmakers who built Les Films d’Ici.

The range of different genres that Les Films d’Ici seeks to promote reflect the many points of view of the writer and directors with whom we work. Les Films d’Ici is a place where documentary footage is included in feature or animated films, and images from feature films are used in documentaries and other forms of interactive storytelling. Our aim is to move beyond distinct genres to show real life as it is – necessarily plural.

Although we now cover a much wider field of production and broadcasting, we are still passionate about producing documentaries. We also continue to work with international partners, develop co-productions and produce feature-length movies for general release.

We are committed to producing and screening these images of the world. Our desire is always to bring together spectators and directors within the imaginary conversation of film, as films also come to life in the eyes of their beholders.

Investing in meaningful images is how we gradually build the utopias that inspire us all. Exploring the world through picture – a never-ending quest.