Directed by : Margarita Cadenas

Prix du Public au Lichter Film Frankfurt International Festival 2017

“ … A country that I once knew to be rich, beautiful, and prosperous, but I now see sunk more and more into chaos” Margarita Cadenas, Director-Producer

Five Venezuelan women, from different backgrounds and generations, draw a portrait of their collapsing country that faces possibly its worst social, economic, power and political crisis in its 200-year-history.   Followed in their daily lives, they testify to the urgency of the chaotic situation in which the people are plunged, addressing each of them the difficulties of food shortages, health drugs and materials, as well as the problem of political prisoners, Injustice, and criminality. The approach is to start from a particular case to extrapolate and depict a global vision of the country.

fiche technique

Photography : César Briceño

Co-producers : Les Films d'Ici

Editing : Cécile Ribet, Margarita Cadenas & Mariana Eva Cadenas

Original soundtrack : Rémi Boubal

Mixage : Robert Kopeć & Philippe Avril (Studios Ferber)

Producer : MC2 Productions

Langue : Espagnol & Français

Available version : Français, anglais & Espagnol

Length : 56' - 83'

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