SUPER FUNGI, will mushrooms save the world ?

Directed by : Thomas Sipp and Anne Rizzo

Pierre-Gilles de gennes and public Award in Parisciences festival 2013

Everybody knows Agaricus bisporus which is pizza’s defining topping all over the world or Tuber uncinatum best known under the name of Burgundy truffle. But who knows the mushrooms that tomorrow will be perhaps men’s best allies in the struggle against the new sanitary and environmental challenges that are threatening our societies.

From Pleurotus ostreatus digesting oil waste to Laccaria Bicolor allowing trees to grow in deserts, from Fomitopsis officinalis « last chance » drug for patients suffering from incurable diseases to Physarum polycephalum, brilliant network engineer, fungi are a constant subject of wonder for scientists. And they are promising so many applications that famous American mycologist Paul Stamets has come to the provoking expression : «mushrooms will help save the world». And indeed, stimulated by the tools of genetics and the calculation powers of computers, scientific research is improving day after day its knowledge of fungi, revealing the exceptional biological proprieties and competences of this kingdom, the most ancient, the most resilient and one of the most sophisticated of nature.

Technical sheet

Author : Thomas Sipp and Anne Rizzo

Photography : Laurent Fénart, Jean-Marc La Rocca

Sound : Guillaume Valeix

Editing : Julie Pelat

Original soundtrack : Mathieu Lamboley

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Serge Lalou

Partners : Arte France /CNRS images / ORF / SVT / SBS / VRT

Distributor : Terranoa

International sales : Terranoa

Available version : VOSTVF - VOSTA

Length : 52'

ISAN : 0000-0002-F5CD-0000-N-0000-0000-5


Distributor : Terranoa

International sales : Terranoa

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