Directed by : Ulises de la Orden

1985, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The trial of the Military Juntas of the last dictatorship (1976/83), accused of crimes against humanity. As in Nuremberg after World War II, the trial is entirely recorded in U-matic tapes. For 90 days, the testimonies of the horror were heard and a final sentence: Never Again. The defenders and the political and ideological positions of those who supported the dictatorship. In the voice of the victims, the stories of torture and pain. Life and death in the same room. An archive of the past and a film that raises a starting point.

fiche technique

Author : Ulises de la Orden

Photography : Pablo Parra

Co-producers : Les Films d'Ici_Richard Copans

Sound : Gerardo Kalmar

Manager of production : Gisela Peláez

Editing : Alberto Ponce

Original soundtrack : Hymne national argentin interprété par Charly Garcia

Mixage : Mathieu Deniau

Executive producer : Ulises de la Orden

Langue : Espagnol

Length : 177'


International sales : IMPRONTA FILMS LTD

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