Directed by : Laura Sistero

Tolyatti, once the symbol of socialist pride, is today the Russian Detroit, a limbo city where there is no future for the youth. In this hopeless environment, Boyevaya Klassika arises, a movement that rescues iconic old Lada cars from the local factory to turn them into a means of rebelliousness and expression that explores the conflicts and dreams of the youth in one of the poorest cities in Russia. We follow Slava, Misha & Lera in the year that they have to face for the first time, their adulthood in a place where the future seems to be a dystopia.

fiche technique

Author : Laura Sistero

Photography : Artur-Pol Camprubí

Co-producers : Boogaloo Films (Espagne)

Sound : Gerard Tàrrega Amorós & Jordi Ribas

Editing : Alissa Doubrovitskaia

Original soundtrack : AMIGA Josep Comas

Mixage : Iban R. Gabarró & Mario Lorenzo

Producer : Boogaloo Films - Bernat Manzano

Partners : France 2, TV3, SRC

Broadcaster : France Televisions

Length : 70'


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