Directed by : Diana El Jeiroudi

Catégorie Industrie, Pitching du réel au Festival Vision du Réel à Nyon – 2021

She grew up in the lands of dictators and surveillance, where images are censored, photos are burned, thoughts are discreet, and mouths are kept shut. Forty years later, from her exile in Germany, Diana El Jeiroudi is a documentary filmmaker reclaiming the images and sounds of the Syrian land and its people, half of whom are scattered around the world. In this emotionally charged carefully crafted film, El Jeiroudi presents a first-person account of how she ended up in Berlin, how she grew up to internalise a world of silence and oppression, how she learned to negotiate her existence and well-being in the face of a mutating enemy, how she bore witness and became involved, how she revolted and claimed herself – and how cinema has saved her life.

fiche technique

Author : Diana El Jeiroudi

Photography : Sebastian Bäumler & Diana El Jeiroudi

Co-producers : Les Films d’Ici - Camille Laemlé

Sound : Pascal Capitolin, Diana El Jeiroudi & Raphaël Girardot

Manager of production : Eva-Maria Weerts & Nicolas Lebecque

Editing : Katja Dringenberg & Diana El Jeiroudi

Mixage : Nathalie Vidal

Producer : No nations films GMBH - Orwa Nyrabia & Diana El Jeiroudi

Partners : Arte La Lucarne, CNC, BKM, Doha Film Institute, German Federal Filmboard, ILB, Doc&Film

Langue : Arabe, anglaise, kurde & allemand

Available version : français

Broadcaster : Arte France

Length : 3h

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