Directed by : Nadia El Fani

Until the beginning of March 2020 my insouciance, (my recklessness?) was unflappable…Until a call from the friend who is hosting me in Tunis: “Nana, the authorities just announced that anyone arriving from abroad must stay in quarantine for 14 days at a home of their choice…”

Tunisia went into lock-down well before France. In the same moment, Transavia sends me an e-mail: Your flight for Tunis-Carthage on 24 March is canceled, a reimbursement will follow…” Decidedly, the alignment of the planets was not in my favor!

I will not shoot my next film in Tunisia. All my equipment, cameras, digital Nagra was ready. My desire to film, finally fulfilled, gave me an immense energy, it is still there. I fight against this feeling of frustration which shatters the happiness that one feels at the eve of each departure for a film shoot.

A few days later President Macron announces that in France we will also go into lockdown. Like many Parisians, I live in a small apartment. How to endure this lockdown? To escape through the eye of my camera seems self-evident. My decision to film every day is for me an act of resistance.
My sixth-floor apartment has many windows, a clear perspective of the sky on one side, as well as a view overlooking a cemetery, a street, a courtyard, and from the other, a view of another courtyard, and the building entrance. In addition, my iPhone will allow me to shoot during my outings. I also listen to the radio a lot, I record snippets of the programs.
I decide to take advantage of this time that has been imposed on me in order to shape the contours of a personal testimony.
A testimony that I am sure many others will recognize, since ultimately I am not the only one.

fiche technique

With : Nadia El Fani, Claudia Aglione, Nadou BenRachid, Vero Prost, dans leurs propres rôles

Author : Nadia El Fani

Photography : Nadia El Fani

Co-producers : CTV Tunisie - Ben Mlouka

Sound : Nadia El Fani

Manager of production : Sophie Cabon

Editing : Johan Folqué

Mixage : Karim Toukabri

Producer : Les Films d’Ici - Serge Lalou

Langue : Français

Available version : français

Length : 70'

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