Directed by : Stéphane Malterre

SIDFA 2022 – Frontlight
Mondovisioni 2023
San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival 2023 – Amnesty International Award for Best Film

A film by Stéphane Malterre & Garance Lecaisne
Conseillère historique Garance Lecaisne

sortie cinéma le 3 mai 2023

Stolen from the Syrian regime’s secret archives, 27 000 photos showing bodies of civilians detainees tortured to death are made public by a military defector codenamed Caesar. Who are the dead, what was their fate, why have they disappeared in Bachar Al Assad’s prisons?

All across Europe, victims' families, helped by international lawyers, activists and Caesar himself, seek for truth and justice, investigating the Syrian death machine and its highest officials. But torn between western governments’ political agenda and the ongoing terror spread by Damascus dictatorship, how far will they go?

fiche technique

With : Special Effects: Martin Ziebell & Sebastian Kaltmeyer

Author : Garance Lecaisne & Stéphane Malterre

Photography : Thibault Delavigne & Beate Sherer BVK

Co-producers : Katuh Studio & Special Touch Studios

Sound : Armin Dabbe & Frédéric Commault

Manager of production : Romain Mondon

Editing : Sébastien Touta

Original soundtrack : Gregor Keienburg & Raffael Seyfried

Mixage : Chaussee SoundVision GmbH

Producer : Les Films d’Ici - Sébastien Onomo

Partners : WDR

Langue : English, Arabic, Spanish, French & German

Available version : Français & Anglais

Length : 104'

Format : DCP


International sales : The Party Film Sales

Distributor : Dulac Distribution

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