Directed by : Hugo Willocq

Every election, Hénin-Beaumont becomes the stage of a huge media display. As a bastion of the Front National and a strong support for Marine Le Pen, the locality is targeted by many journalists seaching for the same image. All eyes are focused on the polling station where the president of the Front National comes to deposit her ballot sheet. However, away from the glances stands another image which comes from the memory of the former district workers. Those people who lived through the coal production era assert themselves with their actions and their speeches. They revive old industrial zones and recreate the movement of the extraction machines as they testify of a former age. As this era disappeared, it took away the jobs it brought to the region, leaving it abandoned.

fiche technique

Author : Hugo Willocq

Photography : Hugo Willocq

Sound : Hugo Willocq

Manager of production : Hugo Willocq & Richard Copans

Editing : Emilio Anatriello

Original soundtrack : Tchaikovsky, Odetta & Johnny Cash

Mixage : Liza Thiennot

Producer : Hugo Willocq & Richard Copans

Langue : Français & Anglais

Available version : français

Length : 67'

Format : ProRES

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