Directed by : Elena Molina

After crossing illegally the spanish border in Melilla, a group of unaccompanied morrocan children have found emotional support in a dance company that has become their family. After months of hard work, the company is selected to participate in the Got Talent TVShow. But far from the spotlight their lives must continue. When they turn 18 they lose social protection, they must leave the reception center and the dance company to start from scratch, again.

fiche technique

Author : Elena Molina

Photography : Juan Meseguer

Co-producers : Les Films d'Ici - Valérianne Boué, Miguel Angel Blanca & IMPLICATE S.COOP. MAD. - Jessica Costilla

Sound : Begoña Ruiz, Elena Molina & Javier Paz

Editing : Begoña Ruiz & Elena Molina

Original soundtrack : Sara Fontan & Edi Pou

Mixage : Alexandre Widmer

Producer : Valérianne Boué, Bernat Manzano, Miguel Angel Blanca & Jessica Costilla

Executive producer : Montse Pujo Solà

Partners : CNC, Institut Català d’Empreses Culturals & PROCIREP - ANGOA

Langue : Espagnol & Arabe

Available version : français & espagnol & anglais

Broadcaster : France Télévisions, France 3 corse via Stella, MOVISTAR plus, FILMIN & Al Jazeera

Length : 73'

Format : HDCAM

ISAN : 0000-0006-2EF2-0000-3-0000-0000-S

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