Directed by : Maher Abi Samra

Prix du meilleur documentaire au Festival d'Abu Dhabi 2010

We were communists is an exploration into the fragmentation of public space in Lebanon between
confessional communities, and the integration of individuals within this fragmented space. It is articulated around three characters, including the author, all previous members of the Lebanese Communist Party; their politically engaged years during the Lebanese civil war, the paths each took in the post-war society, as well as their status today as the country knocks the doors of another war.

fiche technique

Photography : Claire Mathon

Sound : Moncef Taleb

Editing : Ruben Korenfeld

Original soundtrack : Firkat El Wilaya

Producer : Orjouane Productions - Jinane Dagher / Les Films d'Ici - Serge Lalou

Partners : Arab Fund for Arts and Culture / Fond Francophone de production audiovisuelle du Sud / Abu Dhabi Film Festival / Ministry of Culture LeBanon

Length : 85'

Format : Vidéo


Non-commercial sales : ADAV

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