Directed by : Colette Piault

In 1970, with a spring Beaulieu cinecamera, without synchronous sound and in collaboration with a group of young fenlanders, we produced a film on their work in the Audomarois Fenland: "The Brouck"(The Fenland, 16mm, B&W, 40').

Forty years later, we follow up with a new film about the Audomarois Fenland.
In a natural environment, criss-crossed with water ways, on a still exceptionnal sight, market gardening as well as breeding remain the only productive activities.
Nevertheless, the number of fenlanders has seriously diminished from 200 farms in the 1970 to 40 in 2010.
Other elements are now intervening such as ecology, preservation and development like the Natural Regional Parc and the Romelaere Natural Reserve, or as leisure activities like waterfowl hunting, fishing and tourism.

Through images and words, "Back to the  Brouck" expresses this new reality, confronting the actors of the past - young fenlanders of the 70s - to those of the present by placing side by side the images of the past to those of 2010.
In the core of the film, still remains, like in the 70s, the vivid problem of the present and the future of the Audomarois Fenland and its inhabitants.

fiche technique

Author : Colette Piault

Photography : Pierre Lamarque

Sound : Jonathan Laurent

Manager of production : Maud Huynh

Editing : Florence Ricard

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Laura Briand & Serge Lalou

Broadcaster : STM

Length : 52'

ISAN : 0000 0002 BE77 0000 K 0000 0000 E


Video publisher : Les Films du Quotidien

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