Directed by : Alessandro Comodin

It’s summer in the countryside of northeastern Italy. Giacomo, nineteen, deaf since childhood and Stephanie, his childhood friend, sixteen, go to the river for a picnic. Like in an enchanted fairy tale they get lost in the woods and find themselves in a heavenly place, alone and free, during an afternoon that seems to last a whole summer. An apprenticeship of senses: there is no touching, yet it is all skin, breath and sighs. The sensuality accompanies their childrens games until Stephanie and Giacomo feel the adventure that they have just experienced is nothing more than a bittersweet memory of lost time.

A story of love and initiation into adulthood where the present is mixed with memory and the past rises with the clarity and amazement of the first time. The memories are not only those that each of us carry within ourselves and suddenly remember, they are also real discoveries. We have to know that we never see things the first time, but always the second. So we discover them and remember them together.

fiche technique

Author : Alessandro Comodin

Photography : Tristan Bordmann

Sound : Julien Courroye

Editing : Joao Nicolau

Original soundtrack : Jonathan Richman_Dupap

Mixage : Jean Jaques Quinet, Studio 5-5

Producer : FABER FILM (Italie) / LES FILMS D'ICI (France) / LES FILMS NUS (Belgique)

Partners : CNC développement, Wallpaper, Périphérie, Centre Bruxellois de l'Audiovisuel, Communauté Française de Belgique, Commission du film du Frioule

Langue : Italien

Available version : Français & Anglais

Length : 78'

ISAN : 0000-0003-41D5-0000-T-0000-0000-O


Video publisher : Survivance

Distributeur : Niz!

Distributor : Niz!

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