Directed by : Carmen Castillo

2ème Prix du Festival de Documentaire de Santiago du Chili

This is the story of a sort of human being which disappears. The story of a Cabarello, a knight from Chile who riches 83 years. The story of an utopia which left concrete traces, prints in cement, brick, wood and steel everywhere in the country. An architecture made dirty by life, spaces built for a society which aimed to stick together.
It is also and in a paradoxical way a contemporary adventure. While the architect Fernando Castillo lives his last moments at the head of the city hall from La Reina, young people, artists and unfortunates follow up his democratic practices and reinvent a life together: resisting is creating. The story goes on….
A film about space and times where architectonic works, the last forty years of Chile’s history and the dialogue father-daughter about exile and death are intermixing.

fiche technique

Author : Carmen Castillo

Photography : Carmen Castillo

Editing : Eva Feigeles

Producer : Les Films d'Ici/Serge Lalou - Les Films à Lou/Clémence Coppey - INA/Sylvie Blum

Partners : CNC

Available version : VF/VE

Broadcaster : TV 10 Angers

Length : 52'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 000000019ED40000B000000004

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