Directed by : Bernard Mangiante

The story of the camps in the South of France is a long descent into hell. In February 1939, 5000.000 civilians, soldiers, volunteers, members of the International Brigade who had escaped from Spain when it fell under the fascist heel were crammed onto the scandy beaches east of Perpignan.
From the summer of 1942 until spring 1943 the camps became the marshalling yard of the Nazi extermination camps.
Meanwhile they served for the internment of various categories of French and foreign " undesirables", political suspects, and Jews.
The improvised tented camps grew via requisitioned factories into veritable concentration cities.
This film shot on the site of the camps is based on the recollections of witnesses, mostly former immates.

fiche technique

Author : Bernard Mangiante

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : La Sept Arte

Length : 120'

ISAN : 000000019ED20000100000000Y

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