Directed by : Bertrand De Solliers

The film reveals the universe of the sculpture of Germain Pilon, characterized bu the commissioning of pieces by the political powers of the XVIth century.
But why make a film on Pilon?
Because 1990 is the fourth centenary of his death. And because the greater part of his work is "immovable" and therefore an exhibition is impossible.
His work is totally representative of the period: the Renaissance is already on the decline, humanism is now only a learned verneer that veils and reveals violence, perversity, irrationality, and anguish.
The sculpture of Pilon consists of contrasts, of smooth full zones, of shadowy holes, but also of smashed-in surfaces, death and pain under the appearance of grace.

fiche technique

Author : Bertrand de Solliers

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : Musée du Loiuvre

Length : 15'

ISAN : 000000019F2E0000D00000000Z

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