Directed by : Marc Huraux

"Check the changes". Concatenation of chords, of harmonies,a battery of chords. "Check the changes".
And what has changed on the jazz scene in the USA in 1989 at the time this film was made - is that jazz has become respectable.
But the big change is that jazz today, even in the USA, is called the " Afro-American experience".
It is no longer the music of the "community". There jazz has been pushed out by rap. It is rap that is the music of the community, of the young people of the black ghetto.
And some things have changed little if at all - the ghettos and drug proliferation. And changed for the worse is what is called here "Calcuttarization or Teheranization" - the upsurge of the internal Third World, or the reflection of the developing countries on the city of New York.

Check the changes.

fiche technique

Author : Marc Huraux

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : La Sept Arte

Length : 85'

ISAN : 000000019EA40000I00000000K

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