L'homme qui a renversé la peinture

Directed by : Yves De Peretti

A friend of poets (Leiris, Artaud, Desnos, Tzara) even more than painters, Miró, like Picasso or Matisse, embodied one of the 20th century's most fascinating artistic equations.

Indeed, he attempted to "go beyond painting", entering territories unexplored up until that time. Moreover, his work was rooted in popular culture where he found the balance between his personality and the true finality of art.

The film alternates images of Catalonia and accounts of personalities who knew him or who have studied his work. Alongside this, enlightened by Miró's own words, we shall discover the sources of his inspiration. By blending these elements with archive material, the film sketches a portrait of the artist.

fiche technique

Author : Yves de Peretti

Photography : Diane Baratier

Sound : Nicolas Joly

Manager of production : Katya Laraison

Editing : Stéphanie Goldschmidt

Original soundtrack : Carles Santos

Producer : Les Films d'Ici/Serge Lalou - Mallerich Films/Paco Poch

Partners : Le Centre Pompidou

Available version : VF

Broadcaster : France 5

Length : 52'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 000000019E640000K00000000E


International sales : Poorhouse International

Video publisher : Editions Montparnasse

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