Directed by : Loïc Prigent

"Signé Chanel" follows the conception of a Haute Couture collection of Chanel. From the first sketch designed by Karl Lagerfeld to the sale to the wealthiest clients and the mesure of the effects on medias. The series shows on one side the mysteries, the know-how, the old crafts, and on the other the comedie humaine, the things behind the closed doors of a great couture house. A small company rue Cambon, working for a global brand.

fiche technique

Author : Loïc Prigent

Photography : Karine Dusfour

Sound : Stéphane Morelli

Editing : Jean-Marc Manivet

Original soundtrack : Corou de Berra

Producer : LALALA Productions/Mlle Agnès Les Films d'Ici/Edmée Millot

Available version : VF/VA

Broadcaster : Arte France

Length : 5x26' & 52'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 0000 0002 3171 0000 E 0000 0000 W


International sales : Arte Distribution

Video publisher : Arte Vidéo

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