Directed by : Nicolas Stern

Mathématiciens has a spécial rôle in science, in culture, and in education. Can modern means of communication initiate us into this mysterious and enthralling human activity whose role is increasing in importance in our industrial societies?
Aim :
a) to show genuine mathematics ( and mathematicians) as a science that is not only in full activity but which has a long, rich history ;
b) to highlight the dual nature of mathematics, as abstract research close to poetry and as tool for understanding and acting on the world ;
c) lastly and most importantly, to make people want to know more, to awake curiosity rather than to give an authoritarian and scholarly lecture, to offer a painless introduction to mathematics and facilitate the access of as many as possible to mastery of a scientific and technical culture that is today inescapable.
The series consists of 6 episodes of 13'

fiche technique

Author : Jean-Michel Kantor

Collection : Mosaiques mathematiques

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : La Sept Arte

Length : 13'

ISAN : 000000019C4D0001300000000S

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