Directed by : Frédéric Compain

Leather, Ivory, feathers and fur :
the raw materials taken from animals that man has used to dress and
adorn himself, to decorate his surroundings, not to mention a thousand
other usages.
Trough the eyes of four directors, this series proposes a summary of human behaviour generated by the exploitation of these riches, from the small artisans, fewer each day, to the industrial and speculative anarchy that endangers the natural environment, the methods of the past and the techniques of the future.

fiche technique

Author : Frédéric Compain

Photography : Pierre Boffety

Sound : Jean-Pierre Laforce

Collection : Parures animales

Editing : Guy Lecorne

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : France 2

Length : 52'

ISAN : 0000000193AC0003200000000V

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