Directed by : Stéphane Breton

We are in a yurt, we walk with a flock of sheep, we spend the summer in the mountains. All around, Kirghiz shepherds, their horses and their sheep. The camera becomes someone's gaze, the gaze of the person behind it. He lives with these people but doesn't know their language and, in fact, doesn't know them at all. He is there and he's a stranger. The family that he follows for several months during the high plateau transhumance slowly becomes part of his world, while he gradually becomes part of it. Then the first snow falls, they have to return to the village, separate and leave the carefree world of the mountain pastures, back to the lowlands.

fiche technique

Author : Stéphane Breton

Photography : Stéphane Breton

Sound : Stéphane Breton

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Serge Lalou

Available version : VF

Broadcaster : Arte France

Length : 52'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 000000019EB00000800000000D


International sales : Arte Distribution

Video publisher : Editions Montparnasse

Non-commercial sales : Arte France

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