Directed by : Gérard Rougeron

This series offers a new historic insight into the Great War.
This is a social history presented to us through reasearch made by specialists. It is the story of the first World War told us through the accounts of anonymous witnesses, accounts which deserved being preserved. "Harvest of Iron" is the chronicle of the Great War told by people who were, at the time, young soldiers,children, or men and women on the home front. The footage is from archives which have never been releated before (70 hours from France, Great Britain and Germany ) and interviews of survivors living in Picardie.

fiche technique

Author : Gérard Rougeron

Photography : Nara Keo Kosal

Sound : Eric Munch

Editing : Jean Claude Lubtchansky

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : France 2

Length : 104'

ISAN : 1000000000000

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