Directed by : Stéphane Breton

At the end of the road lies a track, the very last, a track swamped with the mud of a Siberian autumn, and at the end of this track lies a vast, dark forest which secretes those who have made this their final refuge, in hamlets that fray a little more with every passing day, sapped by misery and alcohol. We have to travel as far as we can, and be prepared to fall into the ditch, to see what makes us human.


fiche technique

With : Denis Lavant (Avec La Voix De)

Author : Stéphane Breton

Photography : Stéphane Breton

Co-producers : CNRS Images

Sound : Stéphane Breton

Manager of production : Martin Bertier

Editing : Catherine Rascon

Original soundtrack : Claude Debussy

Mixage : Stéphane Larrat

Producer : Serge Lalou - LES FILMS D'ICI

Executive producer : Camille Laemlé

Partners : France Télévisions

Langue : Russe

Available version : VOSTFR - VOSTEN - VOSTRU

Broadcaster : France Télévision (Pôle France 5)

Length : 52'

Format : HDCAM / Blu-ray

ISAN : 0000-0003-C2E6-0000-E-0000-0000-W

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