Directed by : Denis Gheerbrant

Their names ? Oulimata, Maname and Geraldine…Fifteen chambermaids who, for a full month, will fight the second hotel group in Europe. Not anymore will they accept to be paid by the number of rooms they clean! They do not accept the unpaid hours they give to their bosses, the back aches that breaks them, the contempt with which they are treated.

“STRIKING” is the story of a “First Time”, an eruption of songs and dances that link back to a secular culture of resistance.

The encounter of these women’s strength and a unionist clear strategy will allow them to win a real worker’s status, a real event, a premiere.

fiche technique

Author : Denis Gheerbrant

Photography : Denis Gheerbrant

Sound : Denis Gheerbrant

Editing : Denis Gheerbrant

Mixage : Nikolas Javelle - Studios Polyson

Producer : Richard Copans - Les Films d'Ici

Executive producer : Richard Copans

Partners : CNC

Langue : Français

Available version : VOSTVA

Length : 70'

Format : DCP / Blu-Ray


Video publisher : Zeugma

Distributeur : ZEUGMA FILMS

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