1915-1980 Le Théâtre Du Langage

Directed by : Thierry Thomas

Most of the time, Roland Barthes is classified in the category of the 1970s intellectuals, where all his fascinating singularity fades. Our movie holds exactly to the desire of making perceptible his singularity. In this purpose, the movie is constituted by an editing of archives, articulated around Barthes presence and the progress of his career. It is thus a kind of a Roland Barthes’s cinematic version by Roland Barthes, a self–portrait that could be resumed by a point of view as accurate as possible.

fiche technique

Author : Chantal Thomas & Thierry Thomas

Photography : Bertrand Mouly

Co-producers : Sylvie Blum – Ina & Martine Saada – Arte France

Manager of production : Anne Cohen-Solal

Editing : Yann Coquart

Original soundtrack : Franz Schubert & Js Bach

Mixage : Guillaume Solignat

Producer : Serge Lalou – Les Films D’ici 2

Executive producer : Elisabeth Kiledjian

Partners : Procirep/Angoa & CNC/Cosip

Langue : Français

Available version : français

Length : 54'

Format : Vidéo Numérique

ISAN : 0000-0003-D2D5-0000-2-0000-0000-V

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