Directed by : Frédéric Sojcher

10 year-old Nastasjia wants to become an actress. Could it be that her grand-father, Jacques Sojcher, projected over her his own unfulfilled desire to be an actor. Instead, he became a philosopher.

Nastasjia meets some of the actors who have worked with her father, film director Frédéric Sojcher. Initially, Frédéric is not keen about the idea but Jacques supports Nastasjia… She meets Patrick Chesnais, Jean-François Derec, Michaël Lonsdale, François Morel, Denis Podalydès, Philippe Torreton, Jacques Weber, and 92 year old Micheline Presle, who has been an actress for 75 years.

Every actor questions Nastasjia about her desire to become an actress. She confronts them and asserts herself. She listens carefully to the secrets they share with her in confidence. Because Nastasjia is a child, actors feel more comfortable to talk about their faith in their profession than they would to an adult. They even act with her: Jacques Weber plays Cyrano while she is Roxane. To improve her understanding of Shakespeare’s Juliet, she attends a private acting class with Denis Podalydès in his dressing room at La Comédie Française. The more Nastasjia carries out her investigations, the more her family is hostile. “You need to think about a real job”, says her grand-mother. “I don’t want you to get the satus of casual employment worker”. Even her father Frédéric seems worried. Only Jacques, whose passion for Life is the strongest, encourages his grand-daughter. Playing a part allows you to ”become what you are”, Nietzsche says. Prior to this experience, Nastasjia didn't have much contact with her grand-father. Now, they're accomplice !

fiche technique

Author : Catherine Rihoit & Frédéric Sojcher

Photography : Lubomir Bakchev

Sound : Samuel Mittelman

Manager of production : Virginie Guibbaud

Editing : Minh Tam Nguyen

Original soundtrack : Vladimir Cosma

Mixage : Gérard Rousseau

Producer : Virginie Guibbaud - Les Films D’ici 2

Executive producer : Virginie Guibbaud & Arnauld De Battice

Partners : France Télévisions

Langue : Français

Available version : Français / Anglais

Length : 58'

Format : HDCAM

ISAN : 0000-0004-4056-0000-E-0000-0000-W

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