Directed by : Nathalie Marchak

Lucie a French woman lawyer goes on a business trip to Tangiers, Morocco. There she meets Beauty, a young African woman who has just given birth. Beauty puts her newborn into Lucie’s arms. Lucie is shattered but willing. The next morning, Beauty is gone. With the help of a humanitarian doctor, Lucie decides to search for Beauty into the heart of the Medina to give her baby back, while growing slowly attached to her…

fiche technique

With : Alexandra Lamy, Brontis Jodorowsky, Sonja Wanda, Ralph Amoussou, Bruno Todeschini, Farida Ouchani

Author : Nathalie Marchak

Photography : David Cailley

Sound : Henri Maïkoff

Manager of production : Nicolas Royer

Editing : Anita Roth

Original soundtrack : Alexandre Azaria

Mixage : Julien Perez

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Laura Briand

Executive producer : Les Films d’Ici & Ali n’ Films

Partners : Canal + & Ciné +

Langue : Français & Anglais

Length : 87'


International sales : Other Angle Pictures

Distributor : Condor Entertainment

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