A Designer Mall

Directed by : Juliette Garcias

A serpent, a giant larva, a bulging vein, or a river. Seen from above, the structure of Médiacité, a large shopping complex in the heart of Liège looks like a huge stained-glass window. This striking artery which swells and winds its way for some 450 metres forms a covered passage, the central walkway of a vast shopping mall completed in 2009 to revitalise a former industrial zone. The roof was designed by the Israeli industrial designer Ron Arad, a leading figure in provocative experimentation, with a global reputation for his playful furniture with rounded, sculptural forms. For the Liège project, he switches scale to take on a major architectural challenge – that of updating the oft-decried architecture of the mall.

fiche technique

With : Ron Arad & Jaspers Eyers

Author : Juliette Garcias

Photography : Richard Copans

Sound : Sylvain Copans

Collection : Architectures

Manager of production : Clémentine Noël

Editing : Catherine Bonétat

Mixage : Benoit Héry

Producer : Arte France, Les Films D’ici, Les Films D’archi & Centre Pompidou

Partners : Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, Centre Pompidou & Wilhelm

Langue : Français

Available version : français

Broadcaster : Arte France

Length : 26’

Format : HDCAM

ISAN : 0000-0001-9CE2-0048-9-0000-0000-A


Distributor : Arte France Distribution

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