Directed by : Florence Mauro

"La jetée dira à ses enfants le temps qui a passé. Au lieu de sa tombe, ils trouveront un port."

At the end of World War I, Ferdinand, a civil engineer, is entrusted with building Dunkirk’s new port. The trench’s darkness are thus followed by the light of the coast and the wonder of an encounter with Clémence. A tale of a time through love, their story takes place through a montage of photo and film archives as well as present-day images of the settings and their dialogues brought to life by actors. A sensorial exploration of places and bodies, this film reveals the eternal beginning of love, but also recreates the strong sense of a present, which will inevitably become a past memory.

fiche technique

Author : Florence Mauro, Richard Bean & Louis Arnavon

Photography : Gertrude Baillot

Sound : Jean-Michel Tressalet

Producer : Les Films d’Ici - Laura Briand, en coproduction avec Les Docs du Nord

Partners : Pictanovo-Région Nord Pas de Calais, Musée Portuaire de Dunkerque (exposition photos prévue fin 2016), Le Fresnoy-Studio National des arts contemporains

Broadcaster : ARTE

Length : 90'

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