Pedras da saudade

Directed by : Philippe Costantini

Twelve years have passed since the first film was made at Vilar de Perdizes, a village of Tràs-Os-Montes, in the north of Portugal.
Some of the inhabitants have left to seek their fortune abroad, others have remained and continue to work the land or build new houses for those who have emigrated to France or the USA and plan to return one day.
In this film, those who have never left the village and those who have
departed in order to return richer meet and confront each other for a summer.
Two worlds which, at the dawn of the European Community, insist on their differences.

fiche technique

Author : Philippe Costantini

Photography : Philippe Costantini

Sound : Anna Glogowski

Editing : Françoise Beloux

Producer : Les Films d'Ici

Partners : La Sept Arte

Length : 75'

ISAN : 000000019F050000H00000000N

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