Directed by : Gianfranco Pannone

Prix du meilleur documentaire au Festival de Turin 2001

A shrewd eighty-year old Italian mayor with a cumbersome Fascist past, a hot tempered middle aged writer, also an ex-Fascist, ex-worker and now a Marxist-Leninist, who wants to settle accounts with history, a young and idealistic city councillor, left wing, fighting building speculation . These are the main characters of Latina/Littoria, the portrait of a rather anonymous province in Italy, but not too far from the present-day political saeson the country is going through.

fiche technique

Author : Gianfranco Pannone

Photography : Tarek Ben Abdallah

Sound : Maricetta Lombardo

Editing : Lucia Benedetti

Original soundtrack : Ambrogio Sparagna

Producer : Fandango

Partners : Les Films d'ici

Length : 70'

ISAN : 1000000000000

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