Directed by : Avi Mograbi

Prix du 46ème Festival du Film International de Gijon

Z32 focuses on the insuperable ditch that exists between the disturbing testimony of a soldier of an Israeli army elite unit and the artistic representation of this same testimony.
It tries to find an answer to the vacuum between a pitiless reality and its transmission in the form of an object of art.

fiche technique

Author : Avi Mograbi

Photography : Philippe Bellaïche

Co-producers : Le Fresnoy

Sound : Dominique Vieillard

Editing : Avi Mograbi

Original soundtrack : Noam Embar

Producer : Avi Mograbi / Les Films d'Ici - Serge Lalou

Partners : Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains / Channel 8 - Noga Communications / CNC / Cinema Project - Rabinovitch Foundation

Available version : Hébreux - anglais - français - italien

Length : 81'

Format : 35 mm

ISAN : 0000000217330000O000000002


International sales : The Party Film Sales

Non-commercial sales : Les Films du Losange

Distributeur : Les Films du Losange

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