Directed by : Patrick Jeudy

Adapté du roman "Marilyn

For thirty months, from January 1960 to August 4, 1962, they formed an anomalous couple: the Hollywood sex goddess Marilyn Monroe and the strict Freudian psychoanalyst, Ralph Greenson. She had asked him to help her act, help her get up in the morning, help her not to die. He had made it his mission to surround her with love, as if she were a child in distress. He wanted to protect her but because he was the last person to see her alive, he has been accused of involvement in her death.

fiche technique

Author : Patrick Jeudy et Michel Schneider

Producer : Les Films d'Ici - Martine Saada – France 2

Partners : Procirep-Angoa

Available version : VF/VA

Broadcaster : France 2 / Arte

Length : 90'

Format : Vidéo

ISAN : 0000000217280000200000000V


International sales : France Télévisions Distribution

Video publisher : France Télévisions Distribution

Non-commercial sales : France Télévisions Distribution

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