Directed by : Antoine Cattin

Meilleur image et meilleur montage au RIDM 2008. Prix George Foundation du Meilleur Film Newcomer - Nyon 2008 Prix Eurodoc Golden Giraldillo - Séville 2008 Prix de la ville de Clermont Ferrand au festival Traces de Vie 2008

A film about strong women with all their hopes, fragile children with all their innocence, weak men with all their flaws. And in those relationships: a paradox.
By living with those strong women, these innocent children become future weak men.
But most of all, it is a film about love, desperate love : when love does not find any object to cherish or when the search of love is never rewarded.

fiche technique

Author : Antoine Cattin & Pavel Kostomrov

Photography : Antoine Cattin

Sound : Antoine Cattin

Editing : Antoine Cattin

Producer : Les Films Hors-Champ / Elena Hill -Les Films d'Ici / Serge lalou -Parallax Pictures / Ekaterina Méliksetova

Partners : OFC

Broadcaster : Télévision Suisse Romande

Length : 80'

ISAN : 00000001C7A60000800000000D

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