Directed by : Claire Simon

Prix SACD à un long métrage francophone - Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2008 Prix “Eleftherotypia” - 21ème Panorama du Cinema Europeen

Djamila would like to take the pill because now it’s serious with her boyfriend, Zoé’s mother gives her condoms but she call her a whore, Nedjma hides her pills outside because her mother use to search in her bag, Hélène find yourself too fertile, Clémence is afraid, Adeline would have liked to keep him, Margot too.Maria Angela would like to know from whom she is pregnant, Ana Maria chose love and freedom.Anne, Denise, Marta, Yasmine, Milena are the counselors who receive, listen to each wondering how the sexual freedom is possible.In the offices of God we laugh, we cry, we are snowed under. Here we dance, we smoke on the balcony, we come there, incognito, to tell its ordinary or hallucinating history.

fiche technique

With : Anne Alvaro, Nathalie Baye, Michel Boujenah, Rachida Brakni, Isabelle Carré, Lolita Chammah, Béatrice Dalle, Nicole Garcia, Marie Laforêt, Marceline Loridan-Ivens, Emmanuel Mouret, Zara Prassinot

Author : Claire Simon

Photography : Philippe Van Leeuw

Sound : Olivier Hespel

Manager of production : Nelly Mabilat

Editing : Julien Lacheray

Original soundtrack : Arthur Simon

Mixage : Dominique Vieillard

Producer : Richard Copans / Les Films d'Ici Philippe Carcassonne / Ciné @ Philippe Kauffmann

Partners : Canal+

Length : 2h02

Format : 35 mm

ISAN : 0000000217230000E00000000W


International sales : Films Boutique

Video publisher : Shellac Sud

Non-commercial sales : Shellac

Distributeur : Shellac

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