Directed by : Frédéric Laffont

The Cannons live in Waller, Texas. Clint, the youngest of three brothers, does his best to rank among the Top 15 Bareback riders at the National Finals, win the World Title and earn enough money to buy a ranch. His father Jay had the same dreams twenty years ago. Rodeo after rodeo, the Cannon’s family goals have gradually become a reality. And the relationship between the father and the son evolved…

Cowboys don’t cry is more than just a rodeo story. It is the story of a man living his father’s dreams and the struggle to keep those dreams alive for his family. It is also the story of a battle against poverty and overcoming it. And it is a lifestyle fully inspired by big screen characters from the past - the dreams of “the cowboy” as portrayed in many movies and books. The Cannons’way of life is entirely founded on the conviction and belief that “The Cowboy is the last free man on Earth.” These men have shaped their lives based on this fictive notion and have built a life, their life, a beautiful life. It’s 7 years of riding and filming to produce a movie about love and dreams amongst those who don’t cry. 

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Author : Frédéric Laffont

Photography : Frédéric Laffont & Valentin Caron

Co-producers : CAMERA MAGICA - Frédéric Laffont

Sound : Cédric Deloche

Manager of production : Katya Laraison & Marie De Labarre

Editing : Catherine Rascon

Original soundtrack : Quentin Laffont

Mixage : Stéphane Larrat

Producer : Laura Briand & Serge Lalou - Les films d'Ici

Partners : Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Langue : Anglais

Available version : VF/VA

Length : 90'

Format : DCP / Blu-Ray


Distributor : Les Films d'Ici

France sales : Doc and Film

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