Directed by : Richard Dindo

This is a documentary about Americans who firmly believe that humanity should rapidly conquer Mars and start a new civilization there. The goal would be to search for traces of life and also analyze the reasons for the climate change that occurred on Mars, which could help us better understand climate change on earth. The film teaches us many things about the red planet that could be useful for mankind. So close to earth and yet so far away, Mars has always fascinate humanity. But there is no oxygen on Mars, and the ultraviolet rays are dangerous. It would be practically impossible for humans to live there, but many Americans are ready and willing to leave for Mars immediately, without any hesitation, to spend years there or even the rest of their lives.

fiche technique

Author : Richard Dindo

Photography : Pio Corradi & Richard Dindo

Sound : Martin Witz

Editing : Eulalie Korenfeld & René Zumbuhl

Original soundtrack : Christophe Boutin

Mixage : Gilles Benardeau

Producer : Richard Dindo - Lea Produktion / Serge Lalou - Les Films d'Ici

Langue : Anglais

Available version : VF/VA

Length : 83'

Format : 35 mm - video

CNC : 121856


International sales : The Party Film Sales

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