Paris, the Bastille Square, the Opera: the world's largest opera house. A huge factory for creating emotion but, deep down, what for? What energies work together to run a house of this size? What fuels the policy of creation, renewal of productions and the search for new audiences? On the one hand, the work of the production teams (artists and technicians) who are preparing Parsifal, Wozzeck and The Marriage of Figaro. On the other, planning, marketing, pricing… and balancing the books. This is not an idealized vision of a creative space but the portrait of a community at work, governed by a policy that attempts to get a grip on its times and the coming world.

fiche technique

Author : Richard Copans

Photography : Richard Copans

Sound : Sylvain Copans

Manager of production : Anne Cohen-Solal

Editing : Catherine Gouze

Mixage : Dominique Vieillard

Producer : Les Films d’Ici - Agathe Berman / Arte France

Partners : Tv5 Monde / Sbs (Australia) / Procirep et Angoa / Opéra national de Paris

Broadcaster : Arte France

Length : 90'

ISAN : 00000002347B0000I00000000K

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