Directed by : Karim Ainouz

Amnesty International Film Award

Berlin’s historic defunct Tempelhof Airport remains a place of arrivals and departures. Today its massive hangars are used as one of Germany’s largest emergency shelters for asylum seekers, like 18-year-old Syrian student Ibrahim and Iraqi physiotherapist Qutaiba. As they adjust to a transitory daily life of social services interviews, German lessons and medical exams, they try to cope with homesickness and the anxiety of whether or not they will gain residency or be deported.

fiche technique

Co-producers : Les Films d’Ici, Mar Filmes, Canal Brasil, Joana Mariani, Cinema Infl amável & DoP Juan Sarmiento G

Sound : Moritz Springer

Manager of production : Eva Schulthess

Editing : Felix von Boehm

Original soundtrack : Benedikt Schiefer

Mixage : Florian Beck

Producer : Lupa Film, RBB & ARTE

Partners : medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg & the Sundance, Institute Documentary Film Program, World sales LUXBOX & German Distribution PIFFL

Available version : Français & Anglais

Length : 97'


International sales : LUXBOX

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