Directed by : Yonatan Nir & Dani Menkin

Visual Effects and Cinematography Award of the Science Film Festival 2017

Amos Nachoum is one of the greatest underwater photographers of all times. Fascinated by the most fearsome creatures on Earth, he has developed a unique approach, that puts him face to face with his subjects, without any protection.

He has swam with and photographed Anacondas, Giant Leopard Seals, Great White Sharks, Orcas and Crocodiles, but Now, at the age of 65, he is about to face his ultimate challenge: to swim, face face, unprotected with A Polar Bear.

While he is on this journey to the Canadian high Arctic, he will also have to deal with an old and painful memory...

fiche technique

Author : Yonatan Nir & Dani Menkin

Photography : Yonatan Nir & Adam Ravetch

Co-producers : Hey Jude Productions

Sound : Aline Hubert

Manager of production : Martin Bertier

Editing : Giles Gardner

Mixage : Philippe Gozlan

Producer : Claire Dornoy & Serge Lalou - Les Films d'Ici

Executive producer : Claire Dornoy & Serge Lalou

Partners : France 5

Langue : Anglais

Available version : Français / Anglais

Length : 43'-52'

Format : HD

ISAN : 0000-0004-5AFE-0000-7-0000-0000-G


Distributor : Les Films d'Ici

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