Based on the novel “ Mes derniers Mots ” by Santiago Amigorena

Directed by : Jonathan Nossiter

Moscow International Film Festival 2021 (Russie)
Jeonju International Film Festival (Corée du Sud)
Malatya Film Festival 2021 (Turquie)
Seoul Eco Film Festival 2021 (Corée du Sud)
mónFILMAT 2021 (Espagne)
Itinerama Travel Film Festival 2021 (Roumanie)
SITGES – New Visions 2020 (Espagne)
Seminci - Valladolid International Film Festival 2020 (Espagne)
American Film Festival 2020 (Pologne)
Thessaloniki IFF 2020 (Grèce)
New Horizons Interntional Film Festival 2020 (Pologne)
SPOT Film Festival 2020 (Taiwan)
Sélection Officielle Festival de Cannes 2020

2085. The planet is a vast desert. No more electricity or machines. For the last survivors a mysterious “Call” rings out: to meet up in Athens. Across the abandoned roads of Europe, Kal, a 17-year old boy, carries with him an enigmatic treasure: multiple reels of film, all bearing the inscription “Cineteca di Bologna”. In the ruins of the cinemathèque, he encounters Shakespeare, a wild-looking old man. The projection of the last fragments of films, provides the means by which the old man finds a renewed will to live while the boy discovers for the first time the meaning of shared joy. The journey to Athens now includes the dream of making a camera to film the last moments of humanity.

fiche technique

With : Nick Nolte, Charlotte Rampling, Stellan Skarsgard, Alba Rohrwacher & Valeria Golino

Author : Jonathan Nossiter & Santiago Amigorena

Photography : Clarissa Cappellani

Sound : Maximilien Gobiet

Editing : Jonathan Nossiter

Original soundtrack : Tom Smail

Mixage : Stéphane Thiébaut

Producer : Stemal Entertainment, Paprika Films & Les Films d’Ici

Partners : with Luca Gargano and the participation of The Cineteca di Bologna and with the support of the Parco Archeologico di Paestum

Length : 126'

Format : DCP


International sales : The Party Film Sales

Distributor : Jour2Fête

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