Directed by : Nurith Aviv

In her movie, SIGNING, Nurith Aviv ventures into the relatively unchartered territory of sign languages. Sign languages are numerous and diverse, each one with its own grammar and syntax, its unique richness and complexity.
Three generations of protagonists, deaf and hearing, as well as researchers from The Sign Language Research Laboratory at the Haifa University, talk about the sign languages that had evolved in Israel in the previous century. In doing so, Nurith Aviv continues the discussion on issues close to her heart - mother tongue, translation and intergenerational transmission.
An invitation to broaden our perception of human languages...

fiche technique

Author : Nurith Aviv

Co-producers : Les Films d’Ici & Laila Films

Partners : Les Films d’Ici & 24 Images

Broadcaster : KTO

Length : 52'

Format : Vidéo

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