(my life)

Directed by : Sofi Escude Poulenc & Liliana Torres

Mention Spéciale du Prix des Jeunes aux Escales documentaires de la Rochelle

In 2015, Osama Abdul Mohsen and his son have been made in trouble by a Hungarian journalist. The video of this incident scandalizes the entire world. Symbol despite himself of the unfair treatment of migrants, Osama is given the chance to reach the job of his dream : football coach in a football club based on Madrid. But the dream becomes a nightmare, as Osama is far from his wife, his two children, et his former team, that still in Turkey, waiting for a visa that takes long to arrive. “Hayati (my life)” tells what happened to them.

fiche technique

Author : Liliana Torres & Sofi Escude Poulenc

Photography : Griselda Jordana & Alberto Borque

Co-producers : Escandalo Films (Espagne)

Sound : Gerard Tàrrega

Editing : Sofi Escude Poulenc

Original soundtrack : Joan Pons

Mixage : Marc Bech

Producer : Boogaloo Films (Espagne) & Les Films d’Ici (Valérianne Boué)

Partners : Avec la participation de France télévision, de Televisio de Catalunya, Movistar plus, avec le soutien du CNC et de l’ICEC

Langue : Arabe

Available version : Français, Anglais & Espagnol

Length : 56' - 70'

ISAN : 0000-0004-7AE8-0000-F-0000-0000-T


International sales : The Party Film Sales

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