Directed by : Chochana Boukhobza

At 70km from Prague, in Theresienstadt, the Austrian Emperor Joseph II (18th century) build a fortress. 12 doors surround it and give it the typical shape of a star.
The past Nuremberg laws, the concentration and exterminator machine in operation, the Nazis deported and enslaved the Jews of Bohemia Moravia.
The ghetto empties and fills with the pace of deportations and transfers to Auschwitz-Birkenau as early as 1942.

When in 1943 the International Red Cross asked to know the fate of the deportees, Terezin is chosen by the Nazi administration as decorum to a sprawling lie in the form
of a propaganda film "The Fuhrer offers a city to the Jews", intended to keep secret the final solution. The citadel is restored, a kiosk and a music library are built, gardens was planted, artistic and cultural activities encouraged by the needs of lying,a false school opened.

On June 27th, 1944, Dr. Rossel, sent by the International Red Cross, was amazed by his visit to Theresienstadt :during the war, the Jews eat, laugh and have fun! Rossel makes a
enthusiastic report, illustrated with the 36 photos he took on site.

So he send the prisoners in the infernal machine of the final solution, gas and cremation.
From Terezin, we still have lots of drawings, poems and texts, children and artists. It's by these unique testimonials that we propose you to discover the below of this
historical imposture.

fiche technique

Photography : Richard Copans

Sound : Baptiste Houssin & Morgane Danan

Manager of production : Sonia Mosbah-Rouis

Editing : Bertrand Amiot

Original soundtrack : Erik Slabiak

Mixage : Benoit Giret

Producer : Charlotte Uzu - Les Films d'Ici

Partners : Fondation Rotschild et Fondation mémoire de la shoah

Available version : Français & Anglais

Broadcaster : Toute l’histoire

Length : 60'

Format : Blu-Ray

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