Directed by : Mohamed el Khatib

Since divorce by mutual consent has become part of French law, a great sociological change has taken place: more and more parents are separating and more children are living between two homes or with only one of their parents. Books and films explore this theme of blended families; many psychoanalytical studies are looking at this question of separation. But the dominant point of view of these works remains that of the adults, to the detriment of that of the children who, when taken into account, cannot escape the prism of the adults' view.
However, children are just as much involved as parents in the separation: they are alert spectators and suffer the consequences without having to flinch.
Their rare words are the subject of this film: many children tell their experience of the separation from their parents, testifying to the transformation of their entire lives. They tell their stories and ask their parents questions with their own words and their desire to know, before analyzing themselves, with their experience so young, naive but no less lucid, the changes in their lives, and without the help of adults to interpret their lives for them.

fiche technique

Author : Mohamed El Khatib

Photography : Emmanuel Manzano & David Quesemand

Sound : Loïc Chautemps, Alan Savary & Mathieu Desnos

Manager of production : Corinne Cartaillac

Editing : Emmanuel Manzano

Original soundtrack : Dominique Petigand

Mixage : Gilles Benardeau

Producer : Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée (Serge Lalou & Camille Laemlé), Les Films d’Ici & Zirlib

Broadcaster : France 2

Length : 52'

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